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south africa: Pro Gallery

South Africa

Port Elizabeth,

South Africa 2019


Scott Shall, Kevin Kimwelle, Dongwoo Yeom, Stephan Karetnik, Emily Reem, Kayla Thompson, Ashraf Ahmed Hijazi, Bethanie Martin, Nathan Ickes, Magdalene Kuhns


Built in ten days, with a budget of 1700 dollars our prototypical makerspace proved the necessity of adequate source. This was accomplished through on the ground partnerships developed by Kevin Kimwale and Scott Shall. 


We once felt as though the unexpected arose from the convolution of two prominent constants.  First, and ever obscure, being surface area: the multiplier of friction, a film with which universal interaction becomes possible.  Surface area could usually be accounted for (aka tolerance), however it sometimes required a fixer: lube, clamps, brute force.  Second, was heat.  Heat the false enigma, measured only as transference is contingent upon surface area or volume yet often leads to irredeemable failure, in the form of warp and skew; a final state of ‘not so’ square ‘almost’ plumb and the inevitable discovery of the state of ‘ish’.

Ish is almost bad and not so good.  Ish is a term for acknowledging contingency, and contingency implies how reality/context coalesce with inferred possibility.  

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