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Squiggle Bench 2.0 

Detroit, MI 2019

Collaboration: Team B  Architecture


Squiggle Bench 2.0 was a concept brought to us by Team B Architecture. Team B had already worked through version 1 of the bench and wanted to collaborate on a second iteration exploring materiality with RADish.


Squiggle Bench was derived from a series of diagrams experimenting with the interaction of two lines. Each line has its own character that is made more apparent by the interaction with the other. The curved line is voluptuous and inviting, while the straight line is thin and almost harsh in comparison.  RADish explored formal characteristics derived from applied material constructions. The cushion, an upholstered field of overfed fibers, explores the act of cushioning at an intimate scale.  The follicles positioning, constrained by the benches profile, warrants groping while inviting respite to the body.  The floating wall, formally either pushing at or impeding the flow of the bench's profile, is finished in Baltic birch.  The continuity of its grain across its faces translates as monolithic.  While the bench itself, oozing in its form and proportion is milled to register the cushion.          

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